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Thank you to our Sponsors!

We are extremely grateful to those who have made a commitment to the cause of improving economic & financial literacy throughout the state of Wisconsin.


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Benefits of Contributing

The need for economic education and financial literacy in Wisconsin is critical. Economics teaches students how to interpret economic events that impact their world and provides them with a clear understanding of how our market system works in today's global economy. Financial education provides individuals with the ability to manage their earning and spending, promotes the accumulation of assets, and enables people to prepare for retirement.
Surveys indicate that most students today do not understand how our country's economy works. In addition, financial understanding is low: on average, 12th graders who participated in a national 2004 survey of personal finance basics answered only 52.3% of the questions correctly, a failing grade.

EconomicsWisconsin has found that the earlier economic and personal finance concepts are introduced to students, the more likely they are to master the content and the better equipped they are to fully participate in a market economy, succeed in the work place, and make appropriate personal financial decisions.

Teacher training is essential in effectively imparting economic and financial learning to students. This investment holds its value, as each teacher reaches new students year after year. In addition, EconomicsWisconsin provides teachers with innovative curriculum and teaching methods that serve students of all ages and abilities. The goal is to make economics education accessible, understandable, relevant, and fun.

Our education efforts are not limited to just the classroom.  We are reaching out to Opinion Leaders.  These Wisconsin journalists, clergy, nonprofit managers and elected officials offer EconomicsWisconsin a different avenue to get economic information out to the public.
Your contribution helps us achieve our mission of providing the people of Wisconsin with the economic and financial understanding they need to function effectively in a complex, global environment.

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How to Give

EconomicsWisconsin provides economic and financial education and resources to Wisconsinites. If you are interested in contributing to this important mission please visit our Donations page for more information.

Your generosity will help support to EconomicsWisconsin’s programs. With your help, the Wisconsin Council can build economic and financial understanding for life!

EconomicsWisconsin (Wisconsin Council on Economic Education) is a tax-exempt agency under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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