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EconomicsWisconsin Econ for Opinion Leaders

Economics for Opinion Leaders: Business Professional Seminar Series

EconomicsWisconsin has a reputation of presenting teachers with training that stresses mainstream, widely agreed upon, concepts and principles of economics and personal finance.  Each year, thousands of teachers participate in its programs. 

We are now expanding our efforts to business professionals and opinion leaders. 

Economics for Business Professionals is a series of seminars on economics for Wisconsin area leaders. Key opinion leaders in Wisconsin include journalists, education professionals, clergy, nonprofit managers and elected officials.

This series of seminars will introduce leaders to the economic way of thinking which stresses choices, costs, incentives, rules of the economy system trade and gains from trade.

Our Economics for Opinion Leaders seminars feature energetic presentations, clear examples, and interactive simulations on voluntary trade, property rights and supply and demand.

EconomicsWisconsin's goal is to have our Wisconsin area journalists, teachers, education professionals, clergy, nonprofit managers and elected officials walk away with an understanding of the key concepts of economics. For more information on these inspired series please visit the Economics for Business Professionals website by clicking the following link: Economics for Business Professionals

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