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Bringing the Community into the High School Classroom

Open your students’ eyes to their local communities and have them dig into what really defines and makes up the economy around them.  Their final project must answer the pressing question, “Why would a company or business expand, relocate or start up in your community?”  To get this project started, students should define their community, set up interviews with local business leaders and research who lives in their community.  They should also analyze the economic data that makes their community function as a whole. Students should take all this information and turn it into a compelling “sales” presentation. The end result is a greater knowledge of their community, and possibly even a cash prize!

EconomicsWisconsin presents a fun and exciting way to raise the awareness of the economic realities in high school students’ local communities, while also helping them acquire important skills that will serve them well in the global challenges of the 21st Century.

Through this project, student teams of 2-4 will research and investigate the components of their community by identifying major and minor contributors to the local economy.  The student teams should also contact local leaders within their community for insights into the community’s economic situation. The high school students will provide statistics and data-based information about the economic standing of their community. Using the information they have gathered, the students will provide a “sales presentation” geared toward persuading a company or business to expand, relocate, or start up in their community.

The final project must incorporate digital tools appropriate for the effective presentation of findings and recommendations (e.g., PowerPoint, Prezi, or PreZetit), and may include other enhancements such as videos (e.g. YouTube) or slide shows (e.g., Animoto). 

The presentation must be able to be accessible to anyone online once completed.  

Past First Place Winners of the Community Economic Exploration Project

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