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27th Annual Meeting of the
Association of School Economics Teachers (ASET)

Friday,December 2, 2016
Miller Park
Registration begins at 8:00 am. Workshop begins at 8:30 am.

Registration is $50.00 (includes continental breakfast, lunch, and workshop materials)

Veteran professors Tim O’ Driscoll, Bill Holahan and Scott Niederjohn will hit it out of the park on these four cutting-edge topics:

Water - the Most Vital Substance in Our Life. Will water become more valuable than oil in the 21st century?  Supplies of groundwater are rapidly vanishing.  As aquifers decline and wells go dry, we are forced to confront a growing crisis.  Is your water safe and reliable?

Lifting the Veil on the Fed and Monetary Policy. How does the Federal Reserve System really work, and what will happen to interest rates over the next six months?

The Gas Tax and Financing Road Construction.  How can the State of Wisconsin deal with its revenue shortage so that we can repair our roads and bridges?  Are we in an impossible situation? What would a market solution entail?

The American Economy After the Great Recession. What’s happened to median household income? Will wages ever increase?  What’s the new 'gig' economy?  Why is it so difficult for people to save for retirement?  And a preview of the Labor Department's new rule, whereby an adviser must act as a fiduciary in a retirement account owner's best interest.

Registration cost is $50.00 and includes beverages, continental breakfast, and lunch. This workshop will be led by Tim O'Driscoll, Center Director for Economic Education, Lakeland University - Milwaukee. Registration is limited to 65.

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